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North Lynn House Fire

16th November 2017


Once again, THANK YOU!   Whenever help is needed KLFM listeners always step up to the mark, every single time,   You may have heard about the terrible house fire yesterday in North Lynn, it left a family home completely gutted and everything inside ruined.  Along with everything you might expect being burnt to nothing it also meant the family’s children, three boys aged 9, 12 & 13 with nothing but the clothes they were wearing.  I spoke to Graham the home owner on the show who told us about his situation and when he discovered his home on fire.

This was followed by some very nice offers of clothes and shoes and even some cash, did you hear the £1000 Minute?




Fortunately no one was injured in the fire including pets who weren’t at home at the time either.

Posted by Simon Rowe at 10:21am

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