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Pre 'Tour of the Towns' Tour of the Towns and Villages: Day 1

11th February 2013

Today, I took Jamie De Bootman from our travel cupboard, out in our brand new Land Rover Freelander 2 from Hunters Land Rover in King’s Lynn, for KLFM’s Pre Tour of The Towns Tour of The Towns and Villages Tour 2013 (try saying that in a hurry!).


This morning, we were out and about near the Emneth and Wisbech area, which included stops at Maipop Farm Butchers (where I fed a grown man, who was covered in mud, a shortcake biscuit), Lakeside Hotel in Walsoken (where we found the best place to watch  football  a TV even bigger than me!), Emneth Angling shop (where we met Mick, a retired firefighter from West Walton), and JPL Motors in Emneth, before we decided that we’d had enough of the cold and headed for the pub.

While we were in the Gaultree Inn, we met the landlady, Julia, where she introduced us to her regulars. The first of which was Mick, who we’d already met at the Angling shop, but the second was a man known only by his friends as “Spanish Chris”. Sitting with a pint of Magners in his hand, the topic arose of the Pope having resigned from his job today. Spanish Chris had some strong opinions on this; listen to what he had to say here:




We then drove slightly further along, where we stopped at ‘Perfect Choice’ in Upwell, where we met Diane and Tara, working hard making soft furnishings while listening to a familiar radio station in the background :-)

After meeting those ladies, we made our way further into Upwell, where we stumbled upon a van with a sign “Joe’s Nose Bag”. Ever intrigued, we made our way into the shop which boasted the same name as that on the van. It turned out to be a real gem; a tiny bakery, smelling of goodness – a real find for two hungry, young, attractive blokes! Especially as they asked me to help them tune their radio to the most listened to radio station in West Norfolk (KLFM, if you were wondering).

Much like the Pope, Joe told us that she had also resigned from a job in the past; hear about how she resigned here:


And so, with a pair of muffins, we finally set sail back to the studio in our Land Rover.


Posted by Simon Rowe at 4:36pm

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