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Fun at the Circus

20th September 2012


Back in 2004 I was invited to join the Circus. When I arrived I was hauled off and strapped into the terrifyingly named ‘Wheel of Death’ and told not to let go; I then travelled up as high as the big top before falling through the air, spinning a full 360 degrees and reaching speeds of 30mph!

Luckily for me, my visit to “Mr Fips Wonder Circus” with Adam Newstead yesterday wasn’t quite as fast paced but it was just as dangerous!

We were asked by Mr Fip himself to help out his clowns with a spot of decorating; both Adam and myself thought we needed to learn a thing or two about painting and decorating so we accepted Mr Fips invitation.

I knew that we would both get covered in all manner of gunk but didn’t realise just how wet and messy we’d be by the end of our circus experience, you can see just how messy we got and just how much fun we had in the video.


Afterwards Mr Fips very kindly allowed us to use his shower, his very low pressured and very cold shower, to get clean. The only downside for me was forgetting some essential clothing for under my clean pair of jeans! Adam however forgot his towel!

 “Mr Fips Wonder Circus” is at Knights Hill from the 19th of September to the 23rd September, with afternoon and evening performances join the clowns, the jugglers, acrobats, trapeze artists, and contortionists, the amazing Spiderman even makes an appearance!

Their first performance was yesterday at 5pm and they are in King’s Lynn till Sunday the 23rd September

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