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Snow way, thank you

11th January 2017

The white stuff could be heading our way by as early as tomorrow, normally when it arrives all sorts of chaos occurs even if it's just a dusting.  In my mind I'd prefer just one great big snow fall, get it all out of the way and be done with it, rather than the stop/start half sleet/half slow slushy stuff that falls over a few days and weeks normally.  Wouldn't it be nice to have an actual snow day?  Perfect if it falls at the weekend, a chance to have some winter fun with the family.

Fun in the Snow

Snowball fights in the back garden, hundreds of snowmen built in the parks, sledge riding in the Walks perhaps near Bawsey, a mug of hot chocolate when you get in? Sounds perfect to me!

Are you dreading the snow or looking forward to some fun in it?

 The white stuff may well be heading in our direction, how do you feel about the idea of snow interupting your day?https://t.co/HMX5rWoGQ3

Below are some of the comments that I received on the show this morning.


Rhiannon on the A47

I am not a moaner but I can't enjoy the snow, the cold makes my muscles seize up. I can't move, so can't keep warm and can't push my wheelchair through snow 😢


Laura, Litcham

Love the snow! My little boy is 4 in April and has never seen enough snow to make a snowman - don't think he'll be lucky this time either but we always go outside and have a run around in it! My daughter is 18 months and never seen snow!


Sarah Jane Booth, King's Lynn

I can't wait bring on the snow, my 4 year old son has never seen snow, built a snowman or played snow angles. I can't wait to see his little face if we do get some.



My kid’s haven’t seen the snow yet so il.be excited to see their tiny little faces making snow men snow angels with them

Caroline Harper, Heachem

I love snow I brought my grandson a sledge 3 years ago would love to use it x


Sarah, King's Lynn

I will moan... and hibernate as long as possible... hate snow


Pam Robinson, King's Lynn

Love the snow. My grandchildren haven't seen a good covering of snow. Would love to build snowmen & sledge with them





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