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Win £40 for

16th November 2016

Every day this week I'm giving away the chance to win £40 to spend online with Not only will you be able to treat yourself to something nice but you'll also get something nice and bespoke for a deserving friend too.


To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is play the £1000 minute one morning this week at 8:10

If you'd like to try why not text 07786 200 967 now with the word "1k" and your name.  I'll pick someone at random to play.

In the meantime I've been hearing about amazing people that deserve to win including these stories




My son's ps4 broke, I couldn't replace it as I'm disabled and on benefits unfortunately. My best friend sue had a brand new one delivered to our door in 3 days!! All paid for!! We've never been able to thank her enough she's an angel. X



My best friend is now my girlfriend... I lost my mum and iv struggled to cope since I'm on depression tablets etc I'm unhappy alot I'm starting councelling and she has been there threw thick and thin... she wipes my tears wen I cry... she's even bought me a locket with a pic of my mum in (made me cry so much) I love her she's my everything and anything I win would go all to her :) x



My best friend sat for over an hour on Monday to get us tickets to go see cliff Richard next year knowing that something I always wanted to go and she going sit though the concert if though she not a fan And been a massive support in my recent marriage break up in that when I doubted myself she bed. There at 56 it been hard She not bed very well health wise and it would cheer her up thank you x



A friend of mine Kim Hunter restored a very special photo for my mum. It was of my brother who died at 18 months- 41 years ago from cot death. My mum hasn't many photos but it has been in a frame for all these years and faded so much. Kim could understand how precious it was to my mum. Kim has now restored it and I've ordered a new print on acrylic for my mum for Christmas


Do you know someone who deserves a special surprise this Christmas? Nominate them now >





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