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The A.L. Platinum Challenge

Find out Ross from Daytimes gets on with the A.L Team on the A.L Platinum Challenge.

The final results

22nd December 2016

Here we are then! After ten weeks of training with Alive Leisure's Platinum PT service, how much weight did Ross manage to lose?


The stats:

2.7 stone lost.

16cm lost around the waist.

13cm lost around the hips.

BMI down from 24.6 to 21.2.


To start your own transformation - contact Alive Leisure and ask about Platinum PT!

 Alive Leisure


Posted by Ross at 3:37pm


It's nearly crunch time

15th December 2016

It's almost ten weeks since that first checkup at Lynn Sport at the

Alive Leisurestart of my Alive Leisure Platinum PT journey.

Since then, the scales in my bathroom say I've lost over two stone; I'm sleeping better; I'm feeling better during the day and my food bill has significantly lessened. On the face of it, things seem to have gone really well. Which is why I'm particularly nervous about the final composition test which is now less than a week away. 

Scales and tape measureWhat if the scales in my bathroom are just inaccurate? What if my blood pressure is still far too high? Or even higher? Shaun (the personal trainer I've been working with) has taught me so much that when I think of the meals I used to eat every day, I just cringe. I'm hoping it hasn't caused any long term issues - hopefully the test will show that my body is getting back to the way it should be.

Part of Platinum PT's approach is educating you. Some personal Personal Trainerstrainers are basically drill sergeants; they bark at you while you do press-ups and leave you in agony, dreading the next session. They're scary, they're unobtainably muscly and they never seem particularly approachable.

Platinum PT is different. Yes, you work hard in the gym but you're talked through why you're doing all these things. The trainers are nice people; Shaun and I have actually become friends and you aren't abandoned between sessions; you get full support with your diet and mindset. Crucially, it works! 

Well, it seems to. I'll tell you for certain in a few days.

If you're doing the annual "new year, new me" thing - do it with Alive Leisure's Platinum PT. It's the best chance you've got of it actually working.

Posted by Ross at 2:14pm


Platinum PT is saving me money

9th December 2016

Alive Leisure's Platinum PT was supposed to help me lose weight. I'd never expected it to help me save money as wellAlive Leisure!

A lot of the programme is about education - both in the gym and in terms of how to eat healthy food without getting into fad diets or getting bored and giving up. They ask you to fill in a food diary (on which they probably expect you to lie slightly and hide the full extent of your daily calorie overload - I did) and then talk you through some changes. They explain it all to you so you actually understand why these things need to change.

MoneyIt turns out, this has led to me saving quite a lot on the food bill. For example, I'd spend a fiver a day on lunch in town. That's gone down to between 70p and a pound. And I'm satisfied well into the afternoon! For evening meals, I save a few pounds a day by cutting out the add-ons as well. No more garlic bread on the side or five pound tubs of ice cream and again, I'm still satisfied by the end of the meal. You don't lose sweet treats - you just replace them with equally tasty (and often cheaper) alternatives.

I can't promise it'll save everyone money but it has for me. Plus, I'vesupplements never heard of a personal trainer who advises you NOT to spend money on supplements and protein powder. Shaun (my PT with Alive Leisure) specifically told me not to buy them; saying it's better to focus on your diet than hope all the answers can be bought in a bottle.

And did I mention I've lost over two stone in the last eight weeks? Purely because of Platinum PT? Contact Alive Leisure to find out more.

Posted by Ross at 3:08pm


Three weeks to go... Does it have to end?

2nd December 2016

Seven weeks ago, Alive Leisure laid down the gauntlet. How much Alive Leisurecan Ross from KLFM be transformed in ten weeks? Seven weeks in, the answer seems to be "quite a lot".

I was flabby ("overweight" if you're feeling polite). My BMI was far too high. Body fat was far too high. Blood pressure was far too high. Clothes were far too tight...

Now, seven weeks into this ten week challenge, the difference is unbelievable. My  cheap bathroom scales say I've lost two stone, the clothes are fitting better and, crucially, I feel so much fitter! I won't be running a half marathon any time soon but it's nice to not pant every time I run up the stairs.

The big moment of realisation that this was all going quite well was when I pulled my belt tight to put the buckle through the whole and discovered there was no hole there. The belt is not too big for me! Who'd have thought that was possible?

This kind of transformation was amazing to me but to Shaun, one of Alive Leisure's personal trainers, it's just commonplace. He sees this all the time! 

All of this sounds like it must have been really difficult but to be fair, it wasn't. You end up really enjoying it. You get to know the staff really well and you recognise loads of the other people in the gym so you have a good laugh together. What sets Alive Leisure gyms apart seems to be the mix of people in there. It's not just massive muscly men or women lifting their own bodyweight!

The training isn't too time comsuming. I've been doing about four hours a week. Two or three with Shaun and one or two classes each week at LynnSport. In the sessions with Shaun, it's usually a bit of cardio (cycling, running or using the cross trainer) and some work with the gym equipment and a few weights. Not massive ones, enough to give me a good workout and because Shaun's there to help out, I'm confident that it's completely safe.


If I can do this - so can you. Alive leisure make it so much easier! Just give them a ring and ask about Platinum PT.

Also, at the end of these ten weeks I'm definitely not going to stop going!

Posted by Ross at 4:00pm


A brilliant problem to have

25th November 2016

Alive Leisure's Platinum PT has given me a brilliant problem to have. I have entirely ran out of shocked/excited facial expressions for when someone says "Wow! You've lost loads of weight!".


Honestly, I've done all of the possible expressions several

Scales and tape measuretimes over. It's starting to look insincere. Obviously, people are being incredibly polite and the correct response is "oh thank you ever so much". But I've taken to also giving them LynnSport's phone number (01553 818001, by the way) and explaining that it's actually quite easy to do with their new service.

In case you're wondering if it's actually noticeable - almost 2 stone in 6 weeks! But this is NOT my achievement. I've tried losing weight loads of times; at one point I was a member of two different gyms and only even remembered about one of them. I've never had any real success before. All of the credit here belongs with Alive Leisure and their new Platinum PT service. 

Alive LeisureIf you're considering this, I'd say go for it. It's the best investment you'll make in yourself this year. Visit their website, call them up or pop along to LynnSport, St James' Pool, Downham Leisure or Oasis, Hunstanton. There's no harm in asking but if you sign up, I'm confident you won't regret it!

Posted by Ross at 3:11pm



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