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Celebrating achievements of youngsters in and around West Norfolk

Young Hero Awards 2018

Do you have a Young Hero in your life?

Every year KL.FM strives to find young heroes in West Norfolk, Fakenham, and Wisbech to give them a little recognition. Whether you're a family member, teacher or a friend, you can nominate someone who you think deserves an award. The awards are kindly sponsored by Frimstone Ltd.

The Categories

Young Carer of  Year | Volunteer of the Year | Emergency Services Award | Primary School Award | Teenage Achievement Award | Mayor's Special Award | Little Fighter Award

Young Carer of the Year

Hundreds of children across West Norfolk, Wisbech and Fakenham have to grow up extremely quickly to help out a family member. They go through their everyday lives, studying for school, to come home and get through the chores until they can finally have a 5 minute relax. If you know a young hero who deserves a break, nominate them below.

Volunteer of the Year

A volunteer of the year is someone who goes the extra mile and puts themselves forward for the tasks that may be hard or tiring or more than is ever expected of them. They do it for the love of it, and the feeling of reward they get afterwards. This gives you the chance to show them how much they’re appreciated, and how the world wouldn’t tick if it wasn’t for them. Remind them that there should be more young heroes like them.

Emergency Services Award

It’s a situation we hope never to get ourselves into, but sometimes kids have to take responsibility, even to the extent of maybe saving someone’s life. Whether it be with the police, ambulance or the fire service, if they’ve been the difference between life or death, or just as little as holding your hand in the hospital, they deserve an award for standing up, taking charge and being a young hero in a desperate situation.

Primary School Award

As our little one starts school, it can be a pretty nerve-wracking time, even more so for us than them it may seem! However many young children go above and beyond to tackle everyday school life, whether that be reaching outstanding achievements, or doing that little bit extra on the side, from reception to year 6 is a challenge for anyone. Here’s your chance to nominate your little star, and reward them for being the young hero they are.

Teenage Achievement Award

As our kids smash through their teenage years, tackling having a thriving social life, doing chores for parents and of course, maintaining great grades, it can be a bit of a struggle at times. Sometimes it’s worth having that little extra push to remind them how clever and amazing they are. By nominating your young hero for an award, you’re giving them the recognition they deserve for being such a fantastic star.

Mayor’s Special Award

The Mayor's Special Award is for someone who has done something so outstanding, that they might not even fit into one of the categories. It's for someone that has done something so extraordinary that the mayor believes they deserve this special title. It's for the young hero that pushes through any challenges thrown at them and still comes out smiling.

Little Fighter Award

The Little Fighter Award recognises a child who’s never known anything but a fight to survive. In most cases these children surprise everyone around them by thriving too. If you know a little fighter who’s defied expectation and fought their way to happiness, then nominate them here.

Nominate your Young Hero

Nominations are now closed.