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Here at KL.FM we are committed to helping, support and grow a business of any size across West Norfolk, Wisbech, and Fakenham.

No matter what you do, to sustain and grow your business, and if you rely on the individual customer or other companies, telling people what you do and how you do it is vital.

So whether you have celebrated a record year, are expanding and growing your business or have just secured a major contract, safeguarding your employees for months to come, you really do need to shout about it.

Business News

New cycling centre rolling into King's Lynn

Pedal Revolution are getting things moving on Saturday


Norfolk businesses are Drinking to Remember

It's to raise money money for a memorial for RAF North Creake


Getting ready for GDPR in West Norfolk

Uptech are looking to hold seminars to prepare local businesses


Time to go green for Minuteman

Find out more about their eco-friendly new home


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