This time next year... it could be you!

This time last year, four people started their fitness journey with Alive Leisure...

They all had different reasons for taking their first steps into fitness, & goals that were personal to them. We caught up with them and are over the moon with their achievements.

Better still... you can also start your journey with Alive Leisure and who knows, this time next year. IT COULD BE YOU!

Join between now & 11 February & pay No Joining fee, Get 2 FREE personal training sessions, one to get you started & one to keep you on track, a personalised workout plan, Health Checks & Nutritional Support.


Looking for a little bit of motivation? Think that This Time Next Year, it could be you? Well it can! Mark, Charlotte & Sarah from Alive Leisure join us on 4 podcasts to discuss motivation, what joining a gym is actually like and some hot tips around nutrition.

Listen below:


Rob is 24 and has been a member of Alive Leisure for the last year. Before joining Lynnsport, he had not exercised for some years, and at his heaviest, he was around 22 stone.

In the past, Rob was a bit reluctant to join a gym, because he felt too large, but since taking his first steps, he has realised it doesn’t matter what size you are. Rob had a special programme created for him by one of the Personal Trainers, to help him reach his goals, and this was a real support to him on his journey. Rob has gone on to lose a whopping six stone over the last year, and his health has really improved. Since losing weight Robs confidence has soared and he feels that exercise has really changed his life!


Berney is 38 and has been a member of Alive Leisure for over a year. Initially, Berney joined Alive Leisure as she wanted to feel fitter & healthier for a Charity obstacle race. 

It had been a long time since she had done any exercise and so it was a big step for her to take. Berney loved the thought of classes and decided to give them a go first. She was very nervous, as it was completely out of her comfort zone, but she was immediately put at ease. Since then Berney has added the gym to her exercise routine and combined it with a healthy eating plan from one of our Personal Trainers. She has gone on to lose a fantastic four stone in the last year and her confidence and well-being have really improved. Since losing weight Berney is loving life! When Berney started her journey she could not imagine she would be at her goal weight just a year later.


Brian is 46, and he started his journey exactly a year ago. He was feeling a little creaky and tended to spend a lot of his day sitting down.

He wasn’t feeling completely happy with himself, and he knew something had to change, he knew he wanted to feel and look healthier. Feeling brave Brian decided to start his journey with Alive Leisure and started swimming and going to the gym. He surprised himself with how much he enjoyed it, and found it easy to keep focused. Over the last year, Brian has lost over four and a half stone and is delighted to be at his goal weight. Since losing weight Brian feels his health has improved in so many ways, he has loads more energy for chasing around with the grandchildren, and is over the moon to be back down to the weight he was when he got married!


Yvonne is 46 and took her first steps into fitness by joining Alive Leisure a year ago. Yvonne really wanted to feel more healthy, she had pains in her knees and back, and she was finding it harder and harder to move her body around.

With this in mind, she bit the bullet and started her journey. Yvonne didn’t feel confident enough to exercise at first,  but she stuck to her diet until she did! Then she joined us at Alive Oasis to add in some exercise so she could tone up, lose more weight and get fit too! Over the last year, Yvonne has shed an incredible five and a half stone and is now at her goal weight. Yvonne has dropped five dress sizes and has lost 13 inches from her waist, and now she feels amazing!