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Prep, Senior or 6th Form - we have the tips for you

Preparing your child isn’t making sure they can read, write, add and subtract; instead, it's about spending time together, singing nursery rhymes, reading and having conversations about the world around them.

Top Tips for Prep School

  • Spend time singing nursery rhymes, reading and having interesting conversations about the world around them.
  • Encourage your child to be independent, so that when they are at school they can put on their own coat, do up their shoes and use a knife and fork.
  • Remember the tears at the gate are mostly for your benefit, and 99% of the time they forget to be upset as soon as they enter the classroom.
  • Let your child be part of the exciting process of starting school by choosing their lunchbox, trying on their new uniform, and visits to the school.
  • Always talk to the teacher if there is a problem even if you think it is small, discussing a small problem is easier than dealing with a big problem.

School Top Tips

Top Tips for Senior School

  • Once your child starts school it is important that you make time to find out about their day and keep track of homework.
  • Get to know your new school - take advantage of open days, taster sessions and any events the school is running. This helps your child to become familiar with their new school, make friends and get to know teachers.
  • Research using the school’s website and find out as much as you can about the timetable and extra-curricular activity.
  • Find out the name of your child’s Form Tutor and Head of Year - this is important as you will know who the names of the people who are responsible for your child whilst at school.
  • Discuss routes to get to school- this is important if your child is walking or taking a school bus. Show them where the bus stop is and ensure they are equipped to deal with any issues that may arise. If they are walking, practise the route with them beforehand and make sure they are confident on how long it will take to get to school.
  • Be organised - teach your child basic tips on how to organise their bag, homework and uniform the night before. This leaves morning stress free and you can both enjoy a calm start to the day. There is no reason for last minute panics if you teach your child how to be organised the night before.
  • Understand the school’s mobile phone policy and discuss this with your child.
  • School Meals - discuss with your child whether they would prefer to eat at the school or take packed lunch. Menus can usually be found on the school website.
  • Encourage your child to make friends and join any extra-curricular activities or sports teams as this is a great way to get to know other children.

School Top Tips

Top Tips for 6th Form

  • Pick the subjects you enjoy and feel passionate about.
  • You have to want it!  You have to want to study the subjects; don’t just choose the ones you’re good at, as you might not enjoy them at A Level.  A Levels are difficult and come with a heavy burden of work outside of class if you want to do well you need to at least be able to enjoy your work as you’re going to be doing a lot of it.
  • Get an informed opinion of your options.  Speak to the teachers of these subjects; speak to people who are studying the subjects you’re interested in already.  Go to open evenings and talk through the skills required to do well at A Level.
  • Think even further ahead, to what you want to do after school, look at university courses, what subjects do they want? What grades will you need?
  • Make sure you have a full understanding of how you’re assessed, e.g. coursework, exams, oral exams.
  • Try and balance out practical subjects and exam subjects.  Coursework driven subjects take up a large amount of your time out of class so be prepared for this.  Again if you enjoy it, you will find this easier.
  • Be informed and you will make the right choice!

Wisbech Grammar School

Wisbech Grammar School

Wisbech Grammar School is a community populated by individuals instilled with a sense of purpose and passion. We are proud to be one of the oldest academically selective HMC and IAPS Independent Schools in the country and to offer our pupils a most remarkable learning experience. Beneath the surface, key components explain why we continue to perform at the highest level with consistently very high pass rates and similar percentages of our pupils going on to study at their first choice university. We also send pupils to Oxbridge, Medical, Veterinary and Dentistry school as well as Ivy League universities in America, every year.

Education at Wisbech Grammar School is a journey where each pupil learns to take responsibility for his or her own learning. We encourage pupils to be involved in all areas of the curriculum and part of our success is undoubtedly due to the commitment of the staff who are more than outstanding. Staff, like the pupils, are involved in teaching, sport, academic and pastoral leadership, clubs and societies.

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Address  47 North Brink, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 1JX

Phone Icon  01945 583631

Website  www.wisbechgrammar.com