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Fairstead Youth Club - Can you help create one?

A New Youth Club for Fairstead

Discussions are taking place in Fairstead with the aim of establishing a youth club following concern from community leaders that there is not enough for young people to do on the estate. Local church leader Ola Adegoke, from the King's Glory Church, and Emma Brock, from the Community
Shop, approached the West Norfolk Youth Advisory Board (YAB) for assistance and the three organisations are now working together to form the youth club.
Organisers hope for a club to run on Tuesday evenings with two sessions: one for 8-11 year olds and one for 11-16 year olds. Activities will be run from the Community Centre and the Multi Use Games Area.

Roger Partridge from the YAB explains: “The first task is to formalise a club committee and for that to happen we need more adults to come forward. Once the committee is formed and a bank account opened we can move to access grants and be in a good position to start the club as soon as possible after
the lockdown. We’ll also need some volunteers to take a turn in staffing the club once it starts.”

YABs are Norfolk wide, youth-led bodies of Young Commissioners (aged 11-19 and up to 25 with a disability) and adult professionals who work together to make positive change for young people and their communities. . A YAB operates in each district area of Norfolk. Each year, the YAB asks young people in West Norfolk about the issues that matter to them

Over 1,000 young people living or studying in West Norfolk took part in the 2019-2020 youth consultation. 33% of respondents said that ‘a lack of activities and things to do’ affects them or their area, and emphasised the need for opportunities for young people to socialise safely and take part in positive activities.

If you would like to help establish a youth club on Fairstead please contact youth worker Roger Partridge

on 07736 561973 or to find out more or register your interest.