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A Black Tie Affair
supporting Prostate Cancer UK and Bloodwise

Honingham Road, Barnham Broom, Norwich NR9 4DD

Entry Fee: £55

Supporting: Join in and help us support Prostate Cancer UK and Bloodwise


Friday 27th September, 2019

Blood cancer claims more lives than prostate cancer each year!!

In April 2015, at 53, Alan was diagnosed with prostate cancer - a bolt that came out of the blue! Had it been liver or kidney issues, it probably wouldn’t have been such a surprise as those that know him, know that Alan loves a few pints. The most common age for men to be diagnosed is between 70 and 74 years. However, as we have learnt, it is NOT an ‘old man’s disease’ - it mainly affects men over the age of 50. Alan was lucky, early detection followed by brachytherapy (a clinically proven and cutting-edge treatment for prostate cancer), a tough two years unbeknown to most, a blip in 2018, and now in 2019 things are looking good.

In September 2015, aged 21, fit, healthy and with his whole life ahead of him, Ryan was diagnosed with Leukaemia - another bolt out of the blue! Around 8,000 people are diagnosed with various types of leukaemia every year. However, in many cases, the cause is unknown. Ryan fought valiantly for 6 months, mostly in Addenbrookes where he had the best care available. As he was becoming increasingly ill, a matching white blood cell donor was sought and found for a last attempt to stave off his illness but unfortunately, it came too late. On the 14th March 2016 Ryan finally lost his battle and tragically passed away at home surrounded by his family.

Prostate Cancer UK and Bloodwise fund vital lifesaving research and provide practical and emotional support to those affected, and their families - as we know! Funding research would significantly improve the success of treatments for both cancers so that there should be more men like Alan and less people like Ryan. That’s why we need your support by helping us raise much needed funds for both worthy charities!

A Black-Tie Affair, whether this be an occasion for family, friends and work colleagues to get together or a chance for some corporate entertaining. Dress to impress and please join us for a great party night with the aim of raising as much money as we possibly can for Prostate Cancer UK and Bloodwise. Nothing swanky, nothing posh, just a great evening of good food, drinking, dancing and more importantly loads of fun!

All of the funds raised from this event will help the Prostate Cancer UK and Bloodwise provide funding for ground-breaking cancer treatment, care and research.

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