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The Magician's Nephew

Downham Market Methodist Church, Paradise Road, Downham Market PE38 9JE

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Entry Fee: £5

Saturday 17th August, 2019

"The Magician's nephew" is the prequel to" The Lion , the Witch and the Wardrobe", and tells of how Narnia existed and how the White Witch came there in the first place. It is performed by Fensong, a new theatre group, meeting in Nordelph Village hall, recent winners of three AWARDS (The Love England and Ireland Awards, Best Start-Up, best Inclusion, and the £5,000 Calor Rural Community Award). When Digory is forced to move to London, he meets Polly and his mad Uncle Andrew forces them on a flight through time and space to the world of Charn where Digory , through his own curiosity , sets the Witch free and has to spend the rest of the play trying to remedy this mistake. It is an uplifting play about loyalty and love, and will include our usual feast of physical theatre, song and British Sign language.

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