Local Radio Day on KL.FM 96.7


Friday 27th May 2016

Local Radio Day is an initiative bringing local radio stations across the country together to celebrate what we do.

KL.FM 96.7 and the other stations involved truly believe in proper local radio.

By that we mean radio that's fully based in the area the station serves, as opposed to the increasing number of supposedly local stations broadcasting mainly syndicated shows, often from hundreds of miles away.

We also believe local radio done properly, with the right funding, the right people and the right motives, can help to change the lives of listeners and make a real and lasting impact to the area that it serves.

It can help local businesses prosper and thrive, making a real impact on the economy of the areas where it still exists and it can provide skills and training to local people.

Simon Rowe at Festival Too


We want to make the case for local radio because we feel it can, sometimes, be taken for granted.

Local Radio Day celebrates the partnership that exists between radio stations and their listeners and sets out to demonstrate the difference that local really makes.

Find out more on the official Local Radio Day website.