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No Funding For The A47

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7:48am 28th June 2013

As Danny Alexander stood in the commons yesterday, campaigners across Norfolk, as well as business leaders, politicians, and journalists in radio newsrooms, were silently willing him to speak the words we all desperately wanted to hear: "A47" and "Upgrade."

The Treasury Secretary was listing road and rail schemes that would benefit from a £100billion investment.

But it was not to be.

There was immediate disappointment and worry - after all, this may be the last big spending spree on roads we see for a few years from the government.

Campaigners though have not given up hope.

Councillor Vivienne Spikings from West Norfolk Borough Council is a member of the campaign group the A47 Alliance and says they will not be giving up soon. They believe the road is vital to bring new industry and jobs to the area.

They look at journey times, they look at the cost of the fuel. All of this has an impact on whether they came here, so we DO need this upgrade.

"We have lobbied and we have put forward a good case, but then so has everyone else who lives along this type of route.

It doesn't just affect Norfolk, it goes out to Peterborough etc. Hopefully with a combined voice we shall still carry on. The day isn't ended yet we shall keep trying. We have to try."

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