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Energy Price Rises Lead to Insulation Plea

Energy Price Rises Lead to Insulation Plea

Published by KLFM
7:09am 18th October 2013.

People in West Norfolk are being told to get in their lofts, and have a poke around their parents rafters too.

It's come from the owner of a Super Home in Downham market - a 1978 house that's been insulated so well it only costs around £350 a year to heat and run.

Paul Page says you can make a huge difference to their lives by making sure they have enough insulation, and he's even knocked on neighbour's doors to see if they're warm enough.

"Yeah I've done it and they think I'm crazy. But when they get the insulation installed and when they go down the same sort of line that I've gone, I get nothing but good feedback.

"At the end of the day we all need to save this bit of energy for our future, and if you can go out and get people to do it, without preaching, then everyone is a winner really."

Yesterday British Gas became the second big energy company to announce big price rises.

The cost of electricity will go up nearly 10.5% next month - and gas will go up by 8.4%.

There is some help available to pay for insulation for those on low incomes or benefits.

The information is available through the Energy Saving Trust website.