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Report it, Don't Ignore it.

Report it, Don't Ignore it.

Published by KLFM
8:18am 27th December 2013.

Incidents of Domestic Violence always go up around Christmas and a local charity is telling us not to hesitate in calling the police if we hear a row next doors.

The Pandora Project in King's Lynn is an anonymous network of women who help people in abusive relationships whether they are violent or not.

This volunteer says children can be badly affected if it's left to carry on:

"In a household with children where domestic abuse is occusing, 90% of cases the children are in the same or the next room. In about half of domestic violence cases the children involved are being directly abused themselves. It's also recognised that children witnessing domestic violence are being emotionally abused."

She also told us that even if the police don't come round every single time, the calls will help them build a picture to take action.