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Discorey Centre Plea: "Have you seen these bikes?"

Discorey Centre Plea: "Have you seen these bikes?"

Published by KLFM
6:17am 26th February 2014.

A King's Lynn Charity is asking us to help them get their bikes back after a break in at the weekend saw £3000 worth of tools, bikes, and other equipment taken.

It was all in a metal container at the Discovery Centre in North Lynn, which provides vital services for local children and young people.

Although they have inurance, they say the premiums will now go up and their projects will be delayed as a result.

Jimmy Yallop is the Centre Manager and says, although the police are keeping an open mind, he doesn't think it will have been anyone local who was involved:

"We know it's not going to be local people because we never get touched by them. We get a lot of respect from the local area. Whether it's people coming from outside the area... Just opportunists I suppose."

The three brand new bikes are unique and not available for sale to the public as they are part of the Sky Ride scheme.

"We got them from British Cycling and they were part of a Sky Racing Team project. You can't just buy them from any where. It was quite sad to use them as we have a cycling project and they were quite good for the kids to use."

It's now hoped someone will spot the Sky Ride bikes for sale, and call police on 101.

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