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Women in Politics - We ask why there are still not enough.

Women in Politics - We ask why there are still not enough.

Published by KLFM
10:47am 6th March 2014.

Ahead of International Women's Day this weekend, KLFM News has been looking into how many women are in positions of power in West Nofolk.

We all know Liz Truss is one of our local MP's and she's been very successful in securing a Junior Minister position within the Department of Education.

Locally though, we've checked out how many female Councillors have been made members of the local Cabinet:

Breckland District Council: 3 out of 7

Norfolk County Council: 3 out of 9

West Norfolk Borough Council: 2 out of 8

North Norfolk District Council: 1 out of 8

Fenland District Council: 0 out of 10


We spoke to the Leader of King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council Nick Daubney about the issue:

Our News Editor Emily Bull asked him if he though the shouting, boys club reputation of politics put women off from getting involved. We've all seen PMQ's after all. He hoped that his council meetings weren't THAT bad BUT...

"Yeah I guess we blokes are a bit more up for banging around and shouting a lot. I would like to think we have come on a lot. I guess if I'm really honest, you do have a point and I think women do bring a level point of view that we sometimes perhaps lack as men."

So are there any other barriers in the way of women who do want to help run our council and make West Norfolk a better place?

"It's not just willingness to stand for council, it's taking into account what times we have our meetings and how long they last. It brings a lot of pressures for people who want to get on and want to get cabinet poisions. It's a constant juggling act and sometimes it's not a very easy one to be honest.  I think there could be a strong argument to say it's perhaps tougher for women than men."


You can listen to the whole interview here: