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The Cost of Norfolk's Rural Crime Revealed

The Cost of Norfolk's Rural Crime Revealed

Published by KLFM
8:07am 11th August 2014.


New figures on Rural Crime show Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Suffolk have real problems - But Norfolk doesn't!

NFU Mutual says rural crime in Norfolk cost £910k last year with red diesel and heating oil the most targeted items.

That's compared to much smaller county of Cambridgeshire where £2.7million worth of crime took place. Cambridgeshire is now the worst place in the UK for this kind of offence, and it’s seen a 59% rise since 2012.

Luke Palmer is a Farmer based near Ely and told KLFM News about just SOME of the things he's lost including:

A half built shed worth £100k

Tractors worth £40k each

Specialist Farm Sat Nav Systems worth £16k each

Gates put up to protect the farms have been burned down

Plus numerous hand tools, fuel, and small items

He's now calling on everyone to report anything suspicious they see around farms to police, especially around the busy harvest time when any delay has serious knock on effects for the whole operation.

Luke says he thinks Cambridgeshire’s good road network may be to blame, as organised thieves can take large items and get them out of the country very quickly. But he says many farmers have stopped reporting thefts to police which may mean Norfolk has more problems than we think.

“We get thefts happening on the farm which we don’t report. So admittedly that doesn’t go down as a statistic. But it’s purely because if we report absolutely everything that goes on, our insurance premium will go up and up and up. Over the last year we’ve lost things like water pumps and hand tools and we will stomach that cost ourselves.”