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Clenchwarton Bomb Scare

Clenchwarton Bomb Scare

Published by KLFM
7:47am 22nd August 2014. (Updated at 10:52am 22nd August 2014)

A West Norfolk builder has been telling KLFM News how close he and his team came to being hurt or killed after they dug up explosives from the Second World War.

It happened in Clenchwarton on Tuesday as the team used a JCB to put in foundations for new homes on Blackhorse Lane.

“At first we just saw some metal objects, but it became apparent what they were when we saw the fins. So my initial thought was just ‘Get out of the hole!’”

James Larner from Deadman and Larner was stood right next to the spot as he supervised the digging.

Norfolk Police were soon on the scene and put a cordon in place until 5131 Bomb Disposal Squadron from RAF Wittering arrived.

“We found 5 just with the initial pull through [by the digger] but after we were evacuated, I understand that they found 4 more, 2 of which were live.” James says he’s since been told the live devices were taken out to the marsh and safely destroyed.

The ordinance is through to have been PIATs – Projectile Infantry Anti-Tank Devices – they would have been fired from the shoulder, similar to the way modern RPGs are used now.

James says his team are aware it could have been much worse:

“We turned up on site again the next day to realise we were about 4 inches away from a live bomb. It brings you into the realisation of how lucky we were.”


The RAF has asked us to remind everyone that this kind of find does sometimes happen, and that if you ever find anything like that you should not touch it, or try and move it, but call 999 immediately and leave it to the professionals.