Big Rise in Enquiries About Homelessness

Big Rise in Enquiries About Homelessness

Published by KLFM
7:23am 28th August 2014. (Updated at 7:41am 28th August 2014)

More than a THOUSAND people called King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council last year to get advice because they were worried about becoming homeless.

The number of homeless households in King's Lynn has also gone up with younger people hardest hit, although the numbers of over 60's with no place to live are also on the rise.

The figures have come out during a consultation on a strategy for dealing with homelessness in our area.

Having to leave rented accommodation is the biggest reason, along with no longer having friends or family to stay with.

Cllr Adrian Lawrence, Cabinet member for Housing and Community says the rise of buy to letters has added to the problem for renters, and he says many new Landlords have been influenced by TV Shows about housing development.

"This is the problem with some of these television programmes: Doesn’t it make it look like an ideal world, someone moves in and pays your mortgage for you and everyone’s happy. But it doesn’t always work out like that – maybe you want to retire, maybe you want to do something else, or just cash your investment in. Now unfortunately when this happens the tenants can sometimes suffer."

He’s now calling on people in rented to make sure they have a backup plan, and that their priorities are in order.

“People have to just be careful with the pennies at the moment and watch what they take on board, the rents, the mortgages and housing MUST come top of their list.”


His warning has come as a new study shows many parents are doing that and going hungry as a result...

There's concern one in three parents in England is cutting back on food to pay for their home.

The homeless charity Shelter also says one in ten working mums and dads have skipped a meal so they can afford their rent or mortgage.

That's almost 900-thousand people.


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