Rogue Trader Warning in West Norfolk

Rogue Trader Warning in West Norfolk

Published by KLFM
7:12am 11th September 2014.

People across West Norfolk and Wisbech are being told to be on their guard after an increase in Rogue Traders in the region.

 The Police have told KLFM that they've had increased reports of dodgy workmen operating in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

Elderly and vulnerable people have been targeted so far. In one case a woman in her nineties paid out six thousand pounds for sub standard building work at her home.

In another, a man in his 60s was charged five thousand pounds for decorating work, but the workmen left before it was even carried out.

Other incidents have involved cold callers trying to sell power tools.

Police are reminding people to never let cold callers into their house, and never to sign up for any work immediately.