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Flood Defence Works Get Underway

Flood Defence Works Get Underway

Published by KLFM
8:29am 12th September 2014.

The Environment Agency has told KLFM News that there's no need to install brand new flood defences in King's Lynn.

They've begun refurbishment work on the existing ones along places like South Quay.

Last December's tidal surge came within inches of overwhelming the barriers and flooding the town centre.

But Paul Miller from the Environment Agency says brand this has been planned for a while:

“We’d always planned to refurbish these defences and had been working on them before the surge tide back on the 5th of December. The barrier s were built back in the 1980’s and there’s a need to refurbish them.”

But he says installing new and bigger defences would pose some big problems:

“All the flood gates were need to be increased in height. All the walls would need to be increased in height. Where we have windows and openings along the South Quay, they would all need to be changed. The visual appearence of the defences would significantly change.”