Scotland Votes NO, But Why Should We Care?

Scotland Votes NO, But Why Should We Care?

Published by KLFM
7:25am 19th September 2014.

West Norfolk and Wisbech remains part of a United Kingdom.

Scotland has voted NO to independence.

There were victories for the Yes campaign in places like Glasgow and it has been very close run.

The final votes were split 55% no and 45% yes.

But it's expected that more powers will now be transferred from London up to Scotland and that could be the start of a trend.

Westminster has far more control over our lives than our local authorities and the argument is that what's great for Manchester may not be great for Norfolk. If more powers came from London to our councils then it could be good news for people here in West Norfolk.

Speaking before the results were known Tom FitzPatrick, Leader of North Norfolk District Council thinks it's a possibility...

"No matter what happens, it will change the way things happen in the UK. I think a lot of things have been stirred up. It wouldn’t be possible to have a huge degree of devolution in one part of the United Kingdom without looking at doing some further devolution everywhere else. If ‘Devo Max’ comes in I think local authorities in England and Wales will be pushing for some more devolved powers to allow us to run affairs as well."