More Recycling On The Way For Norfolk

More Recycling On The Way For Norfolk

Published by KLFM
2:02pm 22nd September 2014.

It's hoped recycling rates in West Norfolk will shoot up as we'll soon be able to recycle glass and more types of plastics.

The heavy glass should also save the council a fair bit of money as they're charged for each tonne of rubbish they send to landfill.

Glass, yoghurt pots, and things like juice cartons will soon be able to go in the recycling bins along with cans and paper.

Brian Long is the Councillor responsible at West Norfolk Borough Council:

"We wanted to make the process easier, and we want people to see things they thought could be recycled, being recycled. The biggest one of those is glass. A lot of glass bottles do get taken to bottle banks but it's obviously easier not to have to put them in the car and take them to where ever."

It's also thought that many people have been putting glass and other products in for recycling and that's then caused problems at sorting centres. Accepting many of these products will now save a lot of money as it will be able to go through the machines rather then going to landfill.

"The stuff that people thought was recyclable but wasn't, had to be dealt with as contaminent and that's costly to deal with. So a lot of the things that people thought could be recycled and ought to be recycled (like yoghurt pots) now can be."