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Wisbech People Join Calls for More NHS Services

Wisbech People Join Calls for More NHS Services

Published by KLFM
7:25am 25th September 2014.

It's costing people in Wisbech around £40 to go to hospital appointments or to visit seriously ill relatives.

We've been hearing from people who live in the town after we told you about MP Stephen Barclay's new campaign to get more services provided locally.

Councillor Virginia Buckner says she spent £38 taking a neighbour to Addenbrookes in Cambridge and she’s not the only one....

“We’ve got probably nearly 40 thousand people in Wisbech now (if you include the villages.) But access to services means travelling to Addenbrookes or Peterborough or King’s Lynn and that’ an extremely costly affair for Wisbech people.”

She’s also been hearing similar things from local people and told her that a story from one elderly lady really shocked her.

“She was visiting her seriously ill husband in Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge and she was only able to go twice a week. That was costing her £70 because she didn’t have any way of getting down there.”

Earlier this week Mr Barclay spoke to KLFM News and told us he things many simple procedures could be carried out locally and it would save the NHS money and time, as well as local people.

“There’s a great cost to constituents in having to travel when actually, we have the facilities, we have the space. If you look at North Cambs Hospital it’s got lots of space available where we can deliver services in a cost effective way.”