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Recycling Rates Set To Rise

Recycling Rates Set To Rise

Published by KLFM
8:21am 1st October 2014. (Updated at 7:26am 2nd October 2014)

It'll save money, it'll save space in landfill and incineration, and it'll help save the planet.

Recycling rates are expected to rise in West Norfolk because from today far more things can be recycled both here and across the county.

A huge new sorting machine can now handle more types of plastic, as well as glass, and tetrapak.

It’s thought many people will already have been putting these things in their recycling bin which has caused big problems in the past:

Brian Long is the councillor is charge of rubbish in West Norfolk :

“Over 10% or West Norfolk’s Recycling was rejected. So hopefully this will address that, a lot of the stuff that people assume can be recycled, WILL now be recycled, and the contents of people’s residual waste will be less.”

The changes could mean that more than half of the things we used to throw away will now be recycled instead as Cllr Long explains:

“When I started as environment portfolio holder the recycling rate in West Norfolk was about 18%, now about 38% and we want to see it go beyond 50% with these changes. Every tonne of material that we put into recycling rather than waste saves the taxpayer money, and that’s money that can be spent on far better things like swimming pools etc.”