Metal Theft From Churches On the Rise

Metal Theft From Churches On the Rise

Published by KLFM
7:19am 2nd October 2014.

It seems new laws designed to stop metal theft by regulating the scrap yards have not stopped the attacks on West Norfolk's Churches.

It's after £20,000worth of lead was taken from Harpley's church between Sunday and Tuesday.

Chief Inspector Dave Buckley says it's something they're seeing more of:

“This year we’ve seen a number of incidents especially since July, where we’ve seen lead worth anywhere from  £10k to £20k stolen from across Norfolk.”

There’s now a plea for people to keep an eye on their local churches and other older buildings, and if in doubt call police either on 101 if it’s suspicious behaviour, or 999 if a crime is in progress:

“If it’s suspicious behaviour, if people are taking photos, or walking around and looking, or generally sussing out, then take a little look at them and their vehicle. When it’s getting to night time, obviously it is that bit darker, if you get people up the side of churches on ladders then call us.”