Street Light Revamp Promise After King's Lynn Trial

Street Light Revamp Promise After King's Lynn Trial

Published by KLFM
8:20am 17th October 2014.

LED streetlights in King's Lynn have been so successful at cutting the bills that Norfolk County Council is now going to roll them out across the county.

The LED lights are more expensive to install but they are far more energy efficient.

 The council says it would install them when existing lights come to the end of their lives.

Nick Tupper is the Highways maintenance officer at Norfolk County Council. He says it will be cheaper in the long run.

“What we’d look to do is replace existing bulbs with LEDs as they old ones are due to be replaced. So we’re not taking down new bulbs just to make them LED.

“They are certainly more expensive than the bulbs that we currently use but by investing upfront you get the energy saving, so you do get a payback over a number of years. We have already installed some lighting in King’s Lynn and it’s proved to be very effective.”