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West Norfolk Police Monitor Social Media Halloween Trends

West Norfolk Police Monitor Social Media Halloween Trends

Published by KLFM
9:04am 20th October 2014.

Police in West Norfolk say they're going to be keeping an eye on the internet looking for any Halloween related trends that could spread.

They're launching their annual campaign to try and get everyone to behave when out trick or treating and in the run up to Bonfire night.

Inspector Paul Garrard says things like facebook can encourage people to pull silly stunts that can genuinely scare people...

“It’s something we do monitor but thankfully in this part of the country that kind of behaviour is quite rare. But I would like to reassure everybody that we are very mindful of it and we do monitor social media.”

He’s calling on parents to make sure children are being respectful, especially in areas where there are older or more vulnerable people living:

“Not everyone does buy into Halloween. I don’t think there’s a real fear of people knocking on the door; I think not being disturbed later at night is primarily the issue.”