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Fakenham Firework Display Needs YOU!


8:20am 22nd October 2014

There are hopes more people in Fakenham will come forward to help out with the town’s fireworks display next year, after this year's event had to be cancelled.

It usually takes place at the racecourse, but the Chamber of Trade and Commerce which organise it have had to put it on hold due to a lack of members.

Jeremy Punchard is the Chairman of Fakenham Town Council:

“It is a shame. My understanding is that the Racecourse has been generous over the years in donating the venue, but it is down to people’s good will and effort. Having been involved in projects like this is does involve a LOT of hard work and effort to get things off the ground.

“We’ve seen in Fakenham great cohesion in the last year where the town has pulled together following the fire and organising events and doing things.  

“I think if people want something to happen they just have to be prepared to get involved and take part in it.”