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"At Risk" Heritage List Names Wisbech, Denver and King's Lynn

"At Risk" Heritage List Names Wisbech, Denver and King's Lynn

Published by KLFM
8:39am 24th October 2014. (Updated at 8:40am 24th October 2014)

St Mary's Church in King's Lynn, Denver Mill, and the Wisbech Conservation area have added to a national register of At Risk buildings

English Heritage has released the list of buildings that it's most worried about, while removing those that have had repair work done over the last year.

They say St Mary's Church urgently needs high level works to its chancel.

Denver Mill is suffering from extreme damp but is hopefully going to get some funding to fix the problems.

In Wisbech, it's the town centre's beautiful waterfront area that needs some love. After recent fires, there are now gaps, while other buildings stand empty and unloved.

But the Wisbech MP Stephen Barclay says he’s HAPPY to be on the list as it could well be the push to fix the problems:

“We’re starting to change the culture with derelict buildings. We’re got work now going on with Constantine house, although there are a number of other key sites that need action. The council has put in a big lottery bid in respect of repairing the old Cooks Site and some of those buildings.

“Being on the list show that these buildings are valuable, that they are important, and that they’ve been assessed by English Heritage as needing action. So when you go to secure grant money, it’s much easier to make the case that we do NEED money to get these things resolved.”