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Boycott "Killer" Sky Lanterns Plea from West Norfolk Farmers

Boycott "Killer" Sky Lanterns Plea from West Norfolk Farmers

Published by KLFM
8:22am 27th October 2014.

You could kill animals, you could burn someone's house down, and you could be doing it from your West Norfolk back yard with your children.

The countryside campaign group the CLA says they want us to bin our Sky Lanterns. They're pushing for a total ban in the shops too.

Regional director in the East for the CLA, Nicola Currie, says they look pretty, but the damage can be appalling:

“You’re basically sending a naked flame up into the sky, that’s guaranteed to stay alight for at least 2 minutes, over which you have no control as where it’s going to land. It’s a fire hazard. They can also get so hot that they can ignite material [like dry grass, or wood] just from the heat.

“Cattle in particular have chewed on these things and got them stuck in their gut. They then either suffocate, or the frame of the lantern punctures the gut. That then gives them peritonitis or blood poisoning and the animal dies a very slow agonising death.”