No plans for parking charge increases at QE

No plans for parking charge increases at QE

Published by KLFM
11:02am 28th October 2014.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn have said that car parking charges there will not be going up any time soon.

That's despite generating £1,069,000 worth of income from parking in the last year.

It's the first time the figure has gone over the million pound mark.

A spokesperson for the hospital told KLFM:

"There are no plans to increase car parking charges at the current time. Income from car parking supports the operational running of the hospital, including the maintenance of car parks. 

The income figures of £1,069,000 are correct and include income from staff parking permits in addition to income from patients and visitor parking fees.

The last time the QEH increased parking charges was back in early 2011 to accommodate the VAT increase at that time."