South Creake Ducks Threat

South Creake Ducks Threat

Published by KLFM
8:15am 4th November 2014.

People in South Creake have been telling KLFM that they're worried about plans to look into getting rid of the village's ducks.

The Parish Council have said they will investigate “humane and sensitive ways of reducing the duck population to a more manageable level.”

But Belinda Read who lives in the village has now started a petition to save them.

She says she doesn’t see what the problem is:

“It’s a 30mph speed limit. As for the mess, they’re mainly on a great big green with the little ford that runs through it. I can have 20 ducks in my garden and yes you’ll get the odd poo here and there, but it just washes away with the rain.

Money is tight for families. The Parish Council has spent money on an amazing park, and there are plenty of people through the summer and the winter who bring their children there. It’s a free day out to play with the ducks and on the swings.

I think the ducks just compliment the village 100%.”


KLFM News has approached the Parish Council who wanted us to make it clear that no decision has been made. No one responded to our request for an interview.