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Mobile Signal Boost for Rural Areas

Mobile Signal Boost for Rural Areas

Published by KLFM
7:49am 6th November 2014.

Making calls from your mobile in rural parts of West Norfolk could be about to get easier after the government said they were going to look into getting signals boosted.

The Leader of North Norfolk District Council has welcomed a move by the culture secretary.

Sajid Javid announced he'd be looking at the issue yesterday.

Tom Fitzpatrick had already raised the subject with Norfolk County Council...

He says roaming, where your phone would jump on to an O2 Signal if Orange dropped out and vica versa, could be the answer:

“When I go abroad, as I transit from country to country and place to place, my phone will pick up different networks. In most cases I can use them. Something like that would be ideal.”

And he says there’s a good economic argument for boosting the signal too. As it could boost local businesses:

“You just move a few miles down the road, and you lose signal, you miss calls and that can mean customers can’t get in touch with you. In some cases this can mean loss of business.”