More Time for Troubled Waste Comapny

More Time for Troubled Waste Comapny

Published by KLFM
7:47am 7th November 2014.


A new invention that would turn all our rubbish into water and plastic park benches WILL work and WILL come to West Norfolk.

That's the message from West Norfolk Borough Council who's been working with the company Material Works. The idea is that if they can make a working model, they’ll build a plant here and have it up and running by 2017.

But after delays, councillors have now given the company a 3 month extension to prove the technology can work.

It works by digesting rubbish down, extracting anything useful like metal, and then using complicated gas processes to suck out all the water and leave a hard plastic. The process is said to be all contained so there are no fumes or damage to the environment.

Councillor Brian Long says he thinks local tax payers will keep faith...

“I think people will be convinced. People told us that they did not want to see their waste incinerated, and they wanted to see more recycling and this does exactly that.”

The Borough Council has also defended their use of untested technology saying it hasn’t cost them anything to try, except a bit of time. Cllr Long says he thinks being innovative is what local authorities should be doing when it comes to waste...

“We’re not gambling with any resources, it’s purely on them to deliver the technology. I myself have seen the scheme working on a small scale so they’ve now just got to prove that they can scale it up.”