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Anifreeze Appeal After West Norfolk Pet Deaths

Anifreeze Appeal After West Norfolk Pet Deaths

Published by KLFM
7:45am 18th November 2014. (Updated at 8:46am 18th November 2014)

As people get their cars ready for winter there's a warning for people in West Norfolk to be really careful with anti-freeze:

“The hardest thing was telling my children. My daughter is only 4 and our kitten Molly took to her really quickly. It was just knowing the house was going to be so quiet because she was such a funny cat.”

Katie is from Terrington, and was told that her 6 month old kitten was facing a painful death after it fell ill at home. Vets said it must have drank antifreeze while out.

The kitten was put down and Katie is now collecting signatures on a petition to manufacturers to try and get them to add something foul tasting to anti-freeze.

“I’ve got just over 2700 signatures at the moment. I just want to change the taste of it. Without that sweet taste, the animals won’t go for it, but it just seems so hard for the manufacturers to do that.”


If you would like to support Katie's petition you can find it here: