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Smoking Rates Far Higher in Some Parts of King's Lynn

Smoking Rates Far Higher in Some Parts of King's Lynn

Published by KLFM
8:22am 19th November 2014.

There's a huge difference in the number of people who smoke depending on which part of King's Lynn you live in.

Nearly two thirds of the population smokes in North Lynn... That drops to around 30% of the population of Wootton which is just a couple of miles north.

KLFM News spoke to James Wade from Smoke Free Norfolk and asked why he thought that may be:

“Maybe the information isn’t there the same, maybe they don’t go to GPs as much, maybe they’re not aware that there’s a service. If so they they’re less likely to get support and the prevalence rate will stay higher.”

The West Norfolk Quality of Life survey says it tends to be younger people who smoke more. Among 16 – 24 year olds in this area, 30% are more likely to smoke than the average across all ages.

.James says other parts of the country have fewer young smokers and that's worrying:

“It is fairly high to be honest. However we see that across the whole of Norfolk. The reasons tend to be peer pressure, and family members smoking. About 90% of children who start smoking do so because a family member does.”


If you smoke and want to get help to quit then you can find out more here: