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"Be Safe Be Seen" Message From Norfolk Police

"Be Safe Be Seen" Message From Norfolk Police

Published by KLFM
8:45am 20th November 2014.

As thousands of KLFM Be Safe Be Seen reflective stickers make their way to schoolchildren across West Norfolk and Wisbech, a Norfolk Policeman has been telling us what it's like to deal with an incident were a child has been hit by a car.

Chief Inspector Chris Spinks is the Head of Roads Policing for Norfolk.

“Probably the worst, if that’s possible, is when you are dealing with children. Most of my team have children of their own of varying ages. Every fatal or serious collision we go to is a human tragedy but it just seems that much worse when it’s a young child who’s life is changed, or worse taken away, when they have everything ahead of them.”

Officers say that on dark foggy mornings like this it's more important than ever to make sure kids can be seen by drivers, and make sure they're not looking at their phones when crossing the road.

Drivers are being told to slow right down around schools.

“It’s no good at the end of it saying ‘well the child ran out if front of me ’when you were going too fast. The 30 or 20 mile per hour speed that’s in place when you’re going past schools is not a target. That is the maximum speed that it’s ever safe to drive at in those places.”