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Pay as You Go Flood Defence Plans Talked Through

Pay as You Go Flood Defence Plans Talked Through

Published by KLFM
7:49am 27th November 2014.

Your homes will be kept dry, but you will have to pay. That's the message to people living on West Norfolk's Coast as the council has met to discuss how to manage flood defences.

The government is no longer funding them.

So a new not-for-profit company is being set up and everyone living by the sea will pay them to maintain things like huge shingle banks.

Deputy Leader of the Council Brian Long Explains:

“Next year the Borough Council, the County Council, and the Regional Flood and Coastal Committee of the Environment Agency are putting in £50,000 of funding each to keep the work done for the nest year. After that a Community Interest Company will take over. It will have to raise 75% of the total funding and that will then attract 25% from the government.”

There has been some reporting suggesting this move could be highly controvercial and KLFM News asked Cllr Long to explain why:

“If a major player for example said they didn’t want to fund, then would their section be defended? But this is all hypothetical because at the moment all the major partners are on side with it.”