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Over 500 people die in Norfolk because of cold

Over 500 people die in Norfolk because of cold

Published by KLFM
9:57am 10th December 2014.

Over 500 people are dying in Norfolk because they aren't warm enough.

That's according to the County Council who are today launching a warm and well scheme to try and get people to check on elderly and vunerable friends neighbours and relatives.

In the last few years, there have been on average, around 530 winter deaths due to cold conditions.

David Edwards is from Public Health at the Council. He says people with Asthma, bronchitis and heart disease are at risk of falling unwell too:

"One of the things that the statistics don't highlight is that a lot of other people at risk of the cold are also much more likely to become seriously unwell. As well as people aged over 65, there are also people with long term health conditions at risk."