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Facebook Bargains Warning From Trading Standards

Facebook Bargains Warning From Trading Standards

Published by KLFM
8:16am 17th December 2014.

Trading standards in West Norfolk are warning people NOT to be tempted by designer bargains on social media selling sites in the run up to Christmas.

They say that they’re seeing more and more issues with fakes being sold through sites like Facebook and Twitter. Although auctions sites like eBay seem to be improving.

Things like phones and handbags are still the items that are most likely to be fake.

Conrad Meehan from Trading Standards here in King’s Lynn says you need to think hard before buying anything via social media...

“Consider who you’re buying from. Do you know who they are? Just because there’s a name and a photo, it doesn’t mean you know who you’re dealing with. So firstly, you’re taking a risk, secondly, you’ve got no one to go back to if there’s something wrong. How are you going to make them give you your money back?

Use retailer that you know and trust, and use a method of payment that’s safe. The best way to pay is by credit or debit card, or the reputable online payment systems which come a close second.”