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Budgets Must Increase to Police Internet and Sex Abusers

Budgets Must Increase to Police Internet and Sex Abusers

Published by KLFM
7:25am 18th December 2014. (Updated at 7:27am 18th December 2014)

After a rise in historical allegations of sexual assault, and new crimes being discovered online all the time, Norfolk Police will struggle to fund complex investigations in future without more money.

That’s the message this morning as we’re being asked if we want to pay an extra 4 pounds per household on our council tax last year in a consultation.

It’s equivalent to a 2% increase in their share of the tax.

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner Stephen Bett says they haven't yet scratched the surface of the emerging issues...

“The point is that we haven’t lifted enough stones to know what’s going on. When we do, we’re going to need a very different type of police officer. We’ll need one that’s incredibly internet savvy and that’s going to cost more money.”

Police forces across the country have also seen a huge rise in reports of sexual assaults, many decades old, after the Jimmy Saville Scandal was uncovered. This has been welcomed as historically there has been a huge under reporting of sex crimes, but it has added a financial strain.

Mr Bett says this reporting is likely to continue, and that means extra caseloads on his officers on strict budgets:

“All the very difficult policing issues are coming to the fore. People are much happier now about telling the police the problems they’ve had, and they will be in the future as well.”


If you want to add your support for a £4 rise… OR if you disagree with it, you can have your say from the 2nd Jan.

More info can be found here.