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King's Lynn police crack down on shoplifting

Police - radio

7:34am 17th February 2017

Police officers in West Norfolk are improving their relationships with shopkeepers to crack down on shoplifting.

A 'Shopwatch' has been created so that shop owners have direct contact with the force at all times.

Sophie Callow is a customer service manager at B&M;

"I don't trust anyone so i follow them around the store all the time and just keeps eyes on, sometimes if they suspect me I'll go into the office and follow on CCTV and get the powers that be to come and get them."

Debra Lewis is the owner of Lynn store Designs;

"We are pretty lucky, we don't have too much shoplifting, the police are really on it and keep it under control. Everybody that comes in the shop we always go up to and speak to, to make sure they know we're aware that they're in the shop.

If anyone looks like they're going to shoplift then we're on the radio straight away to ask for back up."

PCSO Micky Clark is a Kings Lynn officer;

"We've got really good processes in place, we work very closely with the Borough Council CCTV and again with the shops as well, who are part of the 'shopwatch' retail crime scheme."

PC Ollie Gilder is a response officer in Kings Lynn;

"We've got a number of shops around here, many ways you can get in and out of town and unfortunately it's just an easy job and people think it's quite a small offence when actually it can have quite a substantial effect on the companies that work in town."

Darryl Grief is a sergeant in Kings Lynn:

"We want as many shops as possible, so when those who commit crime come into the town they know that as many retailers and police are watching them as possible.

We want the town centre to be filled with nice people who are coming to spend money and I think that's going to have a positive effect on the town in general."

Wes Hornigold is the local police inspector for Kings Lynn;

"We want to work with the council, we want to work with the retailers to make it a safe place to come and shop for people, but also for retailers to go about their business, and we can't do that by ourselves.

It's really important that we work with them to make sure that they can go about their business properly."

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