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Help prolong Wisbech mum's life on #LindasDay

Linda Smith

1:36pm 14th July 2017
(Updated 1:36pm 14th July 2017)

All day today KLFM will be raising money for a Wisbech mum with terminal cancer.

Linda Smith battled breast cancer and won, before being told almost 12 years to the day that the disease had infected her liver.

She now has months, maybe even weeks to live.


However we at KLFM are trying to raise £30,000 on Linda's Day, that can give her the life-prolonging treatment she needs that's not on the NHS.

It'll give her that vital time to spend with her children, Lois and Max, and her husband Walter.

Emma, her niece, doesn't want to lose her aunt:

"I would be ecstatic (if the £30,000 was raised), just to prolong her life that bit longer, just so she's got everything that she needs. She can watch Lois get married, Max get married.

We've just got to try and be hopeful. As sad as everybody is about it, you've just got to keep going and try to do the best you can really.

They're (Linda's children) just doing the best they can, it's not what anyone wants to go through at such a young age but they're just being hopeful and just hoping for the best."


Lisa, her best friend, doesn't know how she'd cope without her:

"I hope that after the initial impact, that they admire their mum for being the most courageous and wonderful person that they could have had as a mum; and I have been lucky enough to have as a friend.

There are times when we're chatting, I can almost forget about what we're going through because my Linda's there. Then I'll make a remark about doing something or we can go and do this and I know as soon as I've said the words, the implications behind that.

I get a sisterly bond from her, I get love from her. I worry about Lois and Max and hope that I can stay strong and be there for them, but I don't want to lose my friend."


Her daughter Lois thinks her mum is her world:

"I could not have my mum here when I have children, when I get married. My little brother isn't even 17 yet, it's awful.

Nobody wants to lose their mum at 19 years old and 16 years old, it's awful and to have your mum for as long as possible, that's all that anyone would ever ask for.

Just please put yourself in my position and my families position. Just please help us to have my mum have a little bit of extra time."

So far half the target has been raised at £15,000.

You can help by donating on our website, by requesting a song, or by putting a bid in on the auctions running throughout the day.

Lets help Linda see Lois walk down the aisle, and hold her grandchildren in her arms.

Listen in to KLFM all day to bid on numerous items, that you can see here.

Or go to Linda's GoFundMe page here, and donate whatever you can with your choice of song written in the comment box.

It can be anything, and we'll play it on KLFM.