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Man locked in Wisbech public toilets for three hours


6:52am 1st August 2017

A man was locked in the Exchange Square public toilets in Wisbech for a suspected 3 hours on Sunday.

The man had fallen asleep, when a woman heard him banging on the doors.

Terry Jordan, Clark to Wisbech Town Council that operate the toilets says he was rescued by the fire brigade:

"We need to speak to our contractors who carry out the cleaning and the locking and unlocking of the toilets. Once we've had that conversation we'll be clearer as to how that incident occurred. At the moment all we know is that he got locked in there, but the fire brigade managed to get him out.

I think the council's had those public toilets around five years, and I'm not aware that it's happened previously."

Police were called around 8:10pm but were unable to open the door, before calling the fire brigade around 8:35pm to get the man out.