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Speeding drivers putting lives at risk in Fakenham

Norwich RD Fakenham

6:12pm 12th October 2017

Wreckless driving in Fakenham is putting lives at risk.

Drivers have been seen speeding on Norwich Road, doing over 40mph in a 20 zone.

It's been angering many residents.

Lena Fiyett has been disgusted by the actions of some drivers:

"There's a part on Norwich Road, down towards the Police station, where people park.

"I was driving and this 7 seater car was squeezing through and actually hit my daughters wing mirror.

"I thought - how ignorant of people."

She continued:

"I really don't have a clue why people think it's okay to speed beyond the actual speed of the road. 

"I think, in my opinion and I know it would probably cost a fortune, speed cameras should be put on every road."