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West Norfolk puppy is fighting to stay alive

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5:56am 15th November 2017
(Updated 5:56am 15th November 2017)

Trying to make sure this West Norfolk puppy makes it through to Christmas.

Tyrion is just 12 weeks old but already he's fighting to stay alive.

Vets found the poor boy has Portosystemic Shunt in his liver which is leaking toxins into his blood stream.

That means he sometimes goes blind for periods and becomes distressed.

The young pup is now on special foods but he needs surgery if he's going to have any chance at all.

His owner Toni Foster has launched a desperate plea to help cover the costs:

"You don't want him to have an episode in front of the kids because they don't know what's happening yet.

"It's horrible because he's like my fourth baby.

"When we were told about it - it was absolutely heart-breaking.

"I couldn't even talk to the vets because I was crying too much."

Well you can help Tyrion get the treatment that could help let him spend a little more time with Toni.

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